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There are many unique challenges with indoor renovation and investigation projects when having to cut or core a concrete slab. Many electrical and communications conduits and post-tension cables can be embedded within a concrete floor or just beneath it, or you may not want to disturb the rebar within a concrete building floor. Before you saw cut, core, or drill inside a building, you should scan the work area for buried structural or utility infrastructure. Our well-trained, skilled, and experienced damage prevention technicians use a combination of electromagnetic locate equipment and high-frequency ground penetrating radar for every indoor project to ensure you are safe. Our indoor scanning includes a Private Utility Locate as part of the standard service.

Reports you will want to dig on

Interpreting geophysics data requires extensive training and skill. We are open and honest about we can and cannot not find and we explain our findings to our clients on each and every project for them to make informed decisions based on the data that we collect. We pride ourselves in our work and strive to work with our clients to provide solutions to keep their projects moving along.

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR is a safe & non-invasive technology

Unlike other methods of concrete scanning, ground penetrating radar does not emit harmful radiation. Traditional X-ray methods require exclusion areas and often disrupt business activities. Our ground penetrating radar tools require no additional PPE or invasive safety mitigation steps.

Geophysics Services

We also use state of the art geophysical equipment to accurately identify the locations of various environmental liabilities. PLI’s Geophysics Technicians use a variety of equipment including ground penetrating radar, EM61, and EM31 for various geotechnical and environmental studies.

Our equipment are all equipped with GPS tracking and we can provide a wide range of report preparations depending on the scope of your project.

We provides contract utility locating services for all industry sectors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our certified damage prevention technicians are expertly trained to locate and verify locates for the following conductive and non-conductive buried facilities: 


Tracer Wire​, Underground Storage Tanks, Water, Empty Conduit​, Primary and Secondary Power Cables, Pipelines / Gas​, Sanitary Sewer​, Storm Sewer, Communication (coax, twisted pair & fibre cables)

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We help identify every type of private buried utility service including: 

Gas, Water, Sanitary, Electrical, Telecom, Underground Storage Tanksand more!

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