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A Year In Review: 2020 OSWCA

Photo by Don Wall and The Daily Commercial News

OWN Your Safety President, Grant Piraine discussed his concerns at the 2020 OSWCA conference regarding private locates being like the wild west. A year later, not much has changed.

During his presentation on Utility Locate Challenges in Ontario, he highlighted the ambiguity in the Ministry of Labour Regulation “which says that all facilities must be marked. It doesn’t say located, it says marked.”

“It doesn’t say who has to mark them, it just says mark them. So, you can buy a locate set tomorrow and go mark them. I am sure the Ministry of Labour would want to see a proper private locate, but what is a proper private locate? Anybody can buy a set and call themselves a locator. It’s just an unregulated industry, and you have to hope you are hiring someone who is qualified.”

Piraine’s presentation highlighted the importance of following private locate best practices to safeguard your company from the lack of legislation in Ontario.

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