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The Complete Locate Package: A Critical Step

Knowing what a locate package consists of and how to review it, is a critical step in damage prevention.

The OUINS Act clearly states that the “excavator has ensured that the markings on the ground do not conflict with the written information provided”. Putting the responsibility on the excavator to ensure that the locate paperwork is correct before they excavate.

For example, if a communication error is made during the locate request to Ontario One Call or if someone along the line misinterprets the work area and a locate is provided for the wrong work area, the EXCAVATOR is responsible for finding this error, as they must work only within the limits of the locate.

A complete locate package for a work area consists of the following:

  1. Ontario One Call Locate Confirmation.

  2. Primary Locate Report for each Utility notified on the Locate Confirmation.

  3. Auxiliary Locate Report for each Utility notified on the Locate Confirmation, if applicable. Some utility companies only provide one locate sheet.

  4. A Private Locate Report if working on private property.

It is critical before you break ground that the locate package is complete. You must review it and understand it.

For more information see the Ontario One Call guide to reading a locate report HERE.

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