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Did you know that before breaking ground in Ontario, it is required by law to have all private buried services located and marked prior to any ground disturbance? (Ontario Reg. 213/91: Construction Projects, Section 228)

Arranging your locates can be confusing and stressful; but it doesn't need to be. With over 30 years experience in the locate industry, Premier Locates takes pride in offering the highest level of quality and safety standards for each private locate we complete.


Whether you are a homeowner arranging a locate for an upcoming fence install, or an engineering consultant or excavation contractor looking to streamline your utility locating process, Premier Locates can help educate you on the unique challenges of your site. Offered at an additional charge, we'll coordinate the public locates on your behalf and keep them current for you for the duration of your excavation project. Click and read more about our Public Utility Locate Coordination services. 


We strive to be more than just a private locate service provider. Our Locate Technicians know the importance of their work, and will take every opportunity to go the extra mile on your next excavation project to keep you safe and working without incident.

Private Utility Locator

We help identify every type of private buried utility service including: 

Gas, Water, Sanitary, Electrical, Telecom, Underground Storage Tanksand more!

Why choose Premier Locates?

Our Locate Technicians are expertly trained in damage prevention and are required to hold a valid "Damage Prevention Technician" (DPT) certification, issued by the Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance. We provide services to major construction projects across Ontario, and are also training on a variety of other programs to allow us to work safely on your site.

If we encounter an unexpected challenge, our team can quickly mobilize to utilize additional equipment (sewer cameras, ground penetrating radar, records searches, etc) to help get you the data you need.

We identify the demarcation points of all utilities entering the property on every site, then work to trace and locate the privately owned services. Once our technician is satisfied they have found all locatable buried facilities, your digital locate report is delivered to your email. We're proud to offer an environmentally conscious utility locate and don't provide printed reports unless otherwise arranged. Our highly detailed drawings will help put you and your excavator at ease when preparing to break ground.

Our expertly trained Damage Prevention Consultants are standing-by to answer any of your questions. Send us an email or call us now!


Have any questions? Send us an email at,

call (800) 868-2916 and press 1 when prompted, or book a locate by clicking the button below.

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