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The management at Premier Locates Inc. (PLI) fosters a belief that "safety is an attitude". Our team is vitally interested in the Health and Safety of its workers, the public, and the environment, and we make every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment. We are dedicated to reducing injuries, accidents, environmental impact, and ensuring compliance. We achieve this by providing high-quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, emergency response, and manage regulatory.


PLI is dedicated to ensuring that its staff are properly trained and educated on all aspects of the diverse working conditions encountered on the variety of sites our workers are exposed to on a daily basis. Below are some of the site specific safety training course that All PLI field staff take on an annual or bi-annual schedule: 

  • Utility Infrastructure Awareness (Ontario)

  • Confined Space Awareness

  • Defensive Driving – G Class Driver

  • Electrical Safety Awareness


  • Imperial Oil Loss Prevention System (LPS) Safety Training

  • Metrolinx PTS

  • Petroleum Orientated Safety Training (POST)

  • Shell’s 12 Life Saving Rules (LSR)

Safety Training


Before the start of any daily job, a tailgate meeting and job safety analysis (JSA) will be performed along with a Site Services Checklist. Our “safety is an attitude” belief will be discussed at the start of every project and Clients will be engaged at least once a day to discuss what safety means to them personally.

We recognize that the same things that cause “near misses” are the same things that cause accidents. The only difference between an accident and a near miss is the loss. It’s tragic when lessons are learned from accidents and we as a company do not want to learn this way. Accidents can be avoided, if not eliminated if near misses are discussed frequently and safety is always on a worker’s mind. Our field staff identify near misses daily whether it be their own, a Client’s, or a passerby’s. We have implemented a field electronic tool to report and document near misses. This reporting tool allows management and staff to discuss near misses on a daily basis so that safety learning becomes second nature and nurtures our “safety is an attitude” philosophy.


It is a mandatory requirement by all PLI employees to have the following PPE while on petrochemical and construction sites:

  • Work boots (CSA Z195-M92 approved with minimum 6 inches high ankle support)

  • Visi-vest (CSA Z96-09 level 2)

  • Hard hat (CSA Z94.1-92, Class E)

  • Cut Resistant Gloves (ANSI Level 2) (task appropriate)

  • Safety glasses with permanently affixed side shields (CSA Z94.3)

It is a mandatory requirement by all PLI employees to have the following PPE on all work sites:

  • Work boots (CSA Z195-M92 approved with minimum 6 inches high ankle support)

  • Visi-vest (CSA Z96-09 level 2)

Daily Safety Practices


Driving to and from work sites is the highest risk activity that our field staff will face on a daily basis. A great way to eliminate these risks is to simply avoid travel, however, this is not feasible as we must drive from job site to job site. We have implemented a Journey Management procedure that is performed by all PLI employees before leaving for each job site. This procedure requires checking, identifying, and documenting the weather and road conditions on route; journey challenges; and, vehicle inspection and safety controls to mitigate or eliminate identified hazards.

Journey Management


We are happy to announce that Premier Locates is now a member of the WSIB Excellence Program. This program provides a variety of health and safety topics that are designed to control hazards in the workplace through the development of HSE policies and procedures. Through consultation with a WSIB-approved provider, we are working hard to improve and perfect our HSE Management System to further strengthen our ideology that “Safety is an Attitude.” Our team is currently working through the Foundational topics of the program to strengthen our HSE Policies, and we are excited to work with this program to be a health and safety leader in our industry.

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Excellence Program

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